Well, it was a "powder" day, sorta, quotated, in a way. There was nothing fluffy about any of the new snow, but it was deep, and plentiful, and the woods are in fine shape now. Depending on where you stood relative to where the wind blew yesterday, we had anywhere from about 2" to 20" of new snow. I'd say the average was somewhere around 8-10".

Yesterday the NWS said this was wet, heavy snow, and they weren't kidding. Early in the morning it was a bit of a workout just making turns in the stuff, and as the sun rose higher and the temperature climbed close to 40°F, it didn't get any lighter. I found a few runs where I could link smooth turns over the ever-thickening cream cheesy stuff, which was great fun, but by 11:00 I got tired of fighting my legs, fighting my skis, and fighting the snow, and bailed out to the relative comfort of some groomed runs where I wouldn't be required to fight anything. Good call. Talk about hero snow -- I had two amazing runs down Ross, where it was just about impossible to make a bad turn. Allen was just about as good, too.

Early in the morrning the Middlebury and UVM ski teams were out training in slalom gates on Ross, in preparation for next week's NCAA Skiing Championship. They looked like they were having a good time too.

Dave G.
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