Light snow for most of the day plus the Ski The East folks running the Unconventional Terrain event made for a bit of a festive day on Saturday.  Birdland skied especially well.  That night, we had our spaghetti dinner in The Starks Nest.  Someone shared some nice maple Crown Royal which was yummy and made the descent in the dark under snowy skies a lotta' fun.  Porcupine was especially fun. 
Today, the storm fizzled but we still go 3 inches out of it and it was lightly snowing throughout the day.  Snow was a bit wet but fun and it did rain in Waitsfield but not on the mountain.  Overseeing Jonathan's Rando Race kept us busy and a good day was had.  The drive home was a bit spicy with the snowfall all the way back home to Hudson, Mass.
Mark P. Renson
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