Dear EWBers!

Great meeting tonight! The minutes are below.  Pay special attention  
to our invite-making meeting Thursday at 1:00 in the comfy chairs on  
the 4th floor of Davis center.  Links are provided below to googledocs  
where you can add mailing addresses and teacher names to invite to the  
banquet.  Feel free to add and sign up to hand out invites to  
teachers. Thanks to Carrie for coming in to update us on EWB VT  
professional chapter's project and the potential to partner.  A very  
exciting opportunity.

Hope everyone has a good week!
See you on Thursday,

interested in painting a chair at Brennens? skiing? or attending  
bootcamp at northeastern?  read minutes for more info!

3/18 EWB Meeting:
Carrie McLaughlin
EWB professional chapter update:
	Nicaragua project going well
	doing multiple Water project
	presently working on 2 communities.  want to move to 10.
	future: pick up some renewable energy source projects
	goal to have 501 forms for April 14 with community
	document to come that outlines projects.  Could establish a distinct project
	ewb professional wants to possibly have 2-3 projects with this ngo  
this year (plan)
	local: volunteer trip to special olympics; more to come (monthly)
	next meeting in Rutland this Sunday
	We will have to apply for project but if ngo goes through we can apply
	Invite ewb professional chapter to Banquet 12th at Sheraton (6-6 30)
Thanks to Carrie for the update!!

Possible Ski Day
	Contact Nora

Decorate Brennen's Chairs-Saturday March 23
	Contact Brit if interested: [log in to unmask]

	new donations: ski lift tickets, Klingers, dominos.  win.
	more donations!?! forms on googledocs
	update invitation

Webmaster- Tom Hobbs and Anna Towle (email update to come)

Northeastern- ewb chapter is having project boot camp
	- go through steps and getting more familiar with ewb project's processes
	- free lunch saturday and sunday (megabus at 8)
	- talk to Sebastian: [log in to unmask]

EWB poster in Votey lobby
	if you want to help: contact Nora

Thanks to Anna for making the invitations
	(#5 takes it)
	print at davis center(use sga money)

List of professor on google docs
Check link and sign up for who you want to hand out invites to.
Feel free to add:

Address list:
Add family and friends and professionals to mailing list

Thursday afternoon Davis center 1:00 in Comfy chairs on 4th floor

Shopping list for Alec:
heat lamp
smaller envelops
Soldering kit
more batteries?