Hey EWB!

Hope everyone is having a great week back.  If you were unable to make  
tonight's meeting, the minutes are below.  In brief:  bring insulation  
to next meeting (be creative), send out donation letters, contact Alec  
if you are interested in Battle of the Chefs, and come to the next  
meeting.  See you all soon.

Much love,

   P.S.  I have also included our previous brainstorm for insulation ideas.

Minutes 3/13

PWW- Honduras Unsafe :( Threat level unlikely to change (maybe)
	-Apologize to PWW and cut them loose
	-Become “UVM Students Doing Engineering Things Abroad” instead of EWB
	-PWW UVM Separate Project Group**
	-Individual Work Opportunity + Banquet Fundraising Support**
-Move to a new project: apply online through EWB national

Professional Chapter- Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
	-Interested in Students working with them (Sebastian)
	-Sharing a Community

Banquet update: Splash contact lost
	Hilton/ Sheraton- wants us (send Jim an email- has discount at location)
		Catered by location
		4/12 - save the date (tell your peeps)
	donation update: sweet monkey holding lotus.  thanks homeport.

Budget approval:
	total $4,210.00

	conditions: 60-ish down to 5 trails open
	CANCELLED (weather dependent)

Battle of Campus Chefs 2013
	partner up with sodexo chefs
	Monday, April 22nd 2013
	interested? email Alec or text at (802)-279-3092!

Assignments for next meeting:
	donations: check list on googledocs and try to collect donations
	Tell people to save the date (can't send out invitations until  
location is finalized)
	bring in insulation for peltier cooler
              •	can T-shirts be used somehow?
	     •  plastic water bottles filled with water? Styrofoam around  
bottles to keep cool?
	     •  Packing peanuts?
	Victoria- salt