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Hello EWB Chapter Leader,

Watson University is a semester long incubator for student innovators,
engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs.  Bernard Amadei, the founder of
EWB, helped in the early stages of designing Watson.  Because of Bernardís
early involvement and the alignment of visions between Watson and EWB,
Watson is sending information about the opportunity to apply to each EWB
chapter.  When you have a chance, please forward the information below to
your EWB Chapter members and other students who may be interested.

Watson University is convening 20 student innovators, engineers, designers,
and entrepreneurs to Boulder for the Fall semester.  Each Watson Scholar
will explore their passions, accelerate their ideas, and build partnerships
with mentorship from leading entrepreneurs, practitioners, and thinkers
from around the world and complete award-winning training in the skills of
human centered design, resilience, creativity, teamwork, and empathy.
Applications to Watson are currently open and due on April 15.

Watson University <> is a semester-long
incubator for students that includes:

1.       Fifteen short Master
by a network of leading practitioners ranging from a leader of the
Nobel Peace Prize winning International Campaign to Ban-Landmines, to a
Time Magazine Hero of the Planet, and transformative social entrepreneurs

2.       Award-winning training in human centered design, creativity,
resilience, grit, teamwork, and empathy inspired by Transformative Action

3.       The Watson Lab, where students receive mentorship and build
partnerships to explore their passions and pilot, prototype, and scale
ideas to make the world a better place

4.       A semesterís worth of academic credit

If you are interested, learn more about Watson at:

Applications to Watson are currently open and due on April 15.  Thereís
more information in our Call for
a short Q & A below.  Donít hesitate to be in touch if you have any
questions about Watson or the application process.



Eric Glustrom

President and Founder, Watson University <>

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 *Q & A:*

*What does the life of a Watson Scholar look like?*

   - *Explore your ideas and passions in a Master Course with Jerry White,
   a leader of the Nobel Peace Prize winning International Campaign to Ban

   - *Develop the skills of creativity, teamwork, resilience, grit,
   leadership, and empathy through award-winning training.*


   - *Learn to design a flat, agile organization that is capable of solving
   complex problems from Fred George, a former Fortune 500 executive and
   startup guru.*


   - *Create or grow a real startup with the mentorship of Sue Kunz, a
   seasoned executive and serial entrepreneur who has started and led numerous
   international companies.*


   - *Go on a hike with Amory Lovins, Time Magazine Hero of the Planet.*


   - *Practice modern day movement building with the mastermind behind the
   most successful presidential campaign in history, Henry De Sio.*


   - *Have the time and mentorship to explore your passions and advance an
   idea, venture, project, and/or organization that you are passionate about -
   and receive academic credit for it.*

*Who can apply?*

*Any student or recent graduate, whether American or international, can
apply.  Students can be of any age/year in university, and any academic
background/major.  We also encourage teams of students working on the same
idea to apply as a team.*

*Can I apply if I am graduating in May?*

*Yes, we are open to applications from students who have recently graduated.

*How much does it cost?*

*Full tuition to Watson is $15,000/semester.  We have full and partial
scholarship opportunities available and if a student is accepted as one of
the 20 Scholars we will be sure they can afford it regardless of how much
they can pay.*

*Do students receive academic credit for their semester at Watson?*

*Yes, once accepted, each Scholar of Watson University receives
approximately one semester's worth of academic credit for their experience
from our partner, the University of Colorado - a leader in social
entrepreneurship education.*

*What do I do if I have another question?*

*Contact us! **[log in to unmask]* <[log in to unmask]>