Dear Colleagues,
We would like to attract your attention to the following session at the next Goldschmidt conference in Florence:
Session 20C - Deviant Isotopologues: theory, processes and measurements of clumped isotopes and position-specific fractionations
In many molecular systems, isotopologue abundances deviate slightly from those predicted for a stochastic distribution of isotopes. These effects can manifest as "clumping" (preferential bonding between heavier isotopes, such as between 13C and 18O in carbon dioxide), or as intramolecular isotope fractionation (e.g., the overabundance of 14N-15N-16O relative to 15N-14N-16O in nitrous oxide). The study of these effects in natural materials is a relatively new field of research with applications ranging from atmospheric chemistry to paleoclimatology, oceanography, bio/geochemistry, hydro/geology, and cosmochemistry.
We would like to encourage abstract submissions describing new theoretical, experimental or applied results in any of these areas. Abstracts describing recent analytical developments, including instrumental, standardization and calibration issues are also welcome.
The abstract submission deadline is April 12th 2013.
We hope to see you in session 20C at Goldschmidt this coming August!

The session organisers
Rosemarie Came, Mathieu Daeron, CÚdric John, Edwin Schauble