Hi all,
we have replaced the whole Isodat program by Labview and replaced the GPIB-processor board by a USB driven board incuding new V/F converters in connection with a remotely controlled Laser fluorination line (also under Labview) Data are transfered into Excel for further processing
Hans Friedrichsen
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Hi Andreas,

We have a Labview-controlled extraction line for which we've set up a very simple, one-way, communication scheme from Isodat to Labview.  The overall sequence of events is controlled by Isodat.  It starts particular operations of Labview by writing codes to a text file that the latter is continually reading.  It's nothing fancy and I'm sure others have come up with more sophisticated approaches, but it works.  I'd be happy to give you the details offline.


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Dear list members,

I wonder about the best possibility to establish a communication between ISODAT and LabVIEW. Our extraction line is controlled with LabVIEW that should communicate with ISODAT running the MS. Has any of you done that in the past? A simple solution would be to communicate via text files (e.g. with commands in them) that the one program writes and the other program reads. From the LabVIEW side, this would work without problem. I would appreciate if one/more of you could share your experience.

Thanks, Andreas

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