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The Goldschmidt 2013 conference in Florence (Italy), August 25-30, 2013, is getting closer. We invite you to consider an abstract submission to the session:

19f: A Celebration of the Contributions of Bo Barker Jørgensen: Microbial Transformations in Transition – New Views on the Coupling of Redox Processes in Nature
This session is a tribute to Bo Barker Jørgensen, for his fundamental contributions to the field of aquatic biogeochemistry and microbial ecology. Recent advances in our mechanistic understanding of the spatial and temporal distribution of microbial processes across diversely structured redox gradients and the interconnectedness of redox couples stem from approaches ranging from the application of environmental metagenomic and proteomic techniques to the assessment of biogeochemical transformations through multi-stable and/or radioisotope labeling experiments. In this session, we hope to bring together both field and experimental studies focused on the application of geochemical/isotopic and molecular tools that allow new insights in important “redox-transitional” environments. These environments include both marine and freshwater systems on all spatial scales, ranging from oxygen minimum zones (OMZs) in the ocean, to micro-environments in sediments and biofilms. Insights into non-traditional nitrogen transformations and/or linkages between the oxidation of methane or ammonium and reduction within other elemental cycles (e.g., S, Fe, Mn) are of particular interest.

Keynote: Tim Ferdelman (MPI Bremen),  
Confirmed invited speakers: Antje Boetius (MPI/University Bremen),  Don Canfield (University of Southern Denmark), Marcel Kuypers (MPI Bremen)

Convenors: Carol Arnosti, Adam Kustka, Moritz Lehmann, Bo Thamdrup, Scott Wankel

The abstract submission and registration pages for Goldschmidt2013 are now all live. Abstract submission will remain open until April 12th, and early registration will end on June 25th. For further information please visit

We look forward to receiving interesting and exciting contributions. Please feel free to forward this mail to anyone who may be interested in submitting an abstract to the session.

See you in Florence!

Moritz Lehmann (on behalf of all session convenors)

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