I would also be curious as to the legal requirement to send absentees to all those who voted on March 5th via absentee ballot.  I know it is a courtesy but don't see where it is law.  We had a Select Board race here and mailed several hundred ballots due to that campaign, but I know a lot of those people don't care about a local school district re-vote on a budget and hate to waste hundreds of dollars in postage if it is not required by law to mail all these out again.

Cassandra Barbeau
Assistant Town Clerk
Bennington, VT
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This discussion is interesting but I sure would like someone from the SOS to reply here so everyone can see the legal answer.  I find it very disturbing that such an important vote can be rushed legally taking the constitutional right to vote away due to time constraints.
I would write to our representative but he is also a school board member!  :-(
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