A former clerk here worked for them for a week or two, they are paying folks in a very confusing way but it amounts to roughly minimum wage to look at land records and do data entry on mortgages at the beginning and eventually all land records from the last 5-10 years.  They do offer training and at least for us it was no trouble having someone here doing the work, she asked no questions made no copies and didn't even have to open the books.  I know they are hiring people with no land record experience too though, so that could be a different story.  Either way I know we will strive to help them get started at least, just like all our researchers we anticipate a learning curve.  


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Yes.  They are looking at all mortgages to see what liens or foreclosures are on the property.  They called to advise me someone would be coming in to do research and I told them they had better hire someone who knew what they were doing because we wouldn’t do it for them.  I also told them that we don’t have a list of foreclosures, etc. and that they would have to look at every document page by page.  I got a call from an abstractor that was hired by them to do Essex from 2005 to current.  At least she knows what she’s doing!  I told the abstractor that I won’t bill and that she needs to pay as she goes.  She will be getting a check from them and then pay me herself.




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Hello clerks,


Have any of you had any dealings with The Warren Group?



Susan in Newbury