Once upon a time (perhaps last year?) you came to Marshfield to look at some of the records that we have for elections. Have you found any time to work on an elections retention schedule? Do you need any help?


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Hi Carol-
If the City has adopted the newer VSARA General Record Schedules (“GRS”) (and we encourage municipalities to adopt and begin using the GRS) then, for your question below, I suggest looking to the Personnel GRS 1304.1103 and specifically the record type for “Authorizations” at page 2 of 9 of that GRS.
More on the GRS and how to adopt them at:
Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions.
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Subject: Records retention question - staff benefit applications
Hi all,
With an impending staff change in the Barre City manager’s office (our administrative assistant/HR director of nearly 30 years is retiring), we’re digging through nearly 30 years’ worth of boxes of records, trying to purge what we can.  We haven’t been able to find anything on the VSARA website regarding records retention/disposition of staff benefit applications.  Does anybody have any info on them – do we need to keep them for any specific period of time?  Can we get rid of them?
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