Attention Town/City Clerks who process Vital Records:

The Vermont Passport Agency contacted our Vital Records Office yesterday regarding potentially fraudulent birth certificates.  They had three different cases where they had been presented with a copy of an individual's birth certificate from another state certified on the State of Vermont engraved security paper by a Vermont town clerk.  This is a direct violation of Title 24, Chapter 35,  1164 of the Vermont Statutes Annotated. We contacted the individual clerks and verified that they had issued these copies thinking it was okay because the out-of-state certificates were recorded in their offices.

Please be reminded that only vital events which occurred in Vermont can be issued and certified on the State of Vermont security paper.  Though a resident of your town may request that his/her marriage certificate issued from another state, or the birth certificate of his/her child issued from another state, be recorded in your office (18 V.S.A.  5015), those records shall not be copied and certified (24 V.S.A.  1164).

Please be sure to share this with other staff in your office who may issue certified copies of Vermont births, deaths, marriages, and civil unions.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Cindy Hooley
Vital Statistics Information Manager
Vermont Department of Health
Vital Records Office