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Subject: 	Quickbooks Course for Farmers
Date: 	Fri, 15 Mar 2013 14:02:15 +0000
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Agricultural Professionals

Attached is a flier for a QuickBooks course we are offering in April.  
It is an intermediate level course. The registration fee is $400 and the 
participants need to come with a laptop with QuickBooks on it.  We know 
that this cost may be prohibitive for some, but our aim is to get 20 
people signed up.  We decided to go with Carol Zintel from Farm Credit 
East, which increased the registration fee for this course, yet we feel 
she will add a great deal to the participant's understanding and use of 
QuickBooks. The aim is to have participants leave with QuickBooks set up 
for their specific farms and have the skills to use it immediately for 
this growing season.

Please pass this brochure to farmers who would benefit from such a program.

My apologies if you received a duplicate mailing from Seth Wilner.



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