Below is a link to a revised edition of my 2008 Steal This Radio show with Lynne Stewart & Ralph Poynter, updated to include Lynne's current health crisis and the petition to release her from jail on compassionate grounds. I am making this available to all stations and affiliates in the Pacifica network, and friends, for broadcasting, and for rallying listeners to sign the petition at . The show is quite DIFFERENT than you might expect!

BE CAREFUL -- It's 600mb as a WAV file and runs 58 minutes: 25 seconds, so only download it if you're prepared to receive such a large file. And, if you're planning to broadcast it, please let me know so I can get the word out.

Thank you!

Mitchel Cohen
Secretary, WBAI Local Station Board, and
Author, "What Is Direct Action: Lessons from (and to) Occupy Wall Street" (Preface by Richard Wolff) (596 pages). Available at:

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~ Leonard Cohen