I will try to find some time to listen to the audio story on
re-districting in Nassau County and I will certainly buy a copy of your
book.  We just need to figure out out to exchange the money for the book.
I can give some to Manijeh who can bring it to you for example.


On 3/4/13 12:13 AM, "Mitchel Cohen" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>Hey Larry,
>You might be interested in an audio story I just filed at WBAI on the
>civil rights struggle against re-districting in Nassau County, NY. I am
>hoping that WBAI will air it on Monday, as the vote to redistrict will
>take place on Tuesday and will enable the Republicans to add to their
>majority on the County legislature (by breaking up Black, Latino and
>Jewish voting blocs).
>I spent a LOT of time on this 17 minute story, am exhausted, ready for
>bed .... but, o yea, I'm not at home, got a 1 hour train + bus trip ahead
>of me, alas.
>By the way, my new book "What Is Direct Action?" (596 pages) is being
>shipped as we speak and should arrive by Tuesday. Want a copy? (Cover
>price is $27 -- sorry about that, chief! -- but for movement folks I can
>probably knock it down a little ....)