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Call for Contributions


Engineering, Social Justice, and Peace Conference

14-16 August 2013

Troy, New York, USA


The ninth annual international Engineering, Social Justice, and Peace (ESJP) conference will be held in Troy, New York,14-16 August 2013. We invite participation and contribution proposals on topics related to the intersection of engineering, social justice, and peace.


This year’s conference theme is “engineering for development,” broadly construed.

•    What does development mean, and how can engineering better enable it?

•    What problems arise when development is framed exclusively in economic terms, and what alternative frameworks can engineers draw upon?

•    What engineering assumptions or practices might lead development initiatives astray?

•    Do Western perspectives underlying many development projects further entrench power imbalances thatfavor the North?

•    What development needs are there in rich countries of the global North, and what venues exist for responding to them?

•    Is the concept of “development” itself inherently flawed and should we be seekingpost-development alternatives instead?

•    What roles should be played by critique, reflexivity, assessment?


Given the conference location of Troy, New York, presenters may consider the special development challenges faced in post-industrial urban environments as well as the opportunities such environments provide.


EJSP is a diverse community—comprised of engineers, social scientists, designers, artists, humanists, community builders, and others, working as scholars, students, practitioners, and activists. We welcome contribution proposals that are diverse in content, approach, and format, including traditional presentations, round tables, workshops, discussions, performances, and others. Non-academic contributions are especially welcome. All proposals should offer thoughtful, grounded contributions to understanding the intersections of engineering and social justice or peace.


Proposals should include a title, names and affiliations of contributors, the proposed contribution format (e.g., presentation, workshop, performance), and an abstract not longer than 300 words.


Proposal submission deadline: 1 May 2013

Response of acceptance to authors: 1 June 2013

Please send contribution proposals to Dean Nieusma (nieusma[at]rpi[dot]edu)

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