Hi all,

I know this is late notice, but I realized I forgot to send out the
Stanford APDA tournament invite to this list!  It's this weekend, starting
on Friday and ending on Saturday evening.

The tournament is in APDA rather than BP format, but I thought it might
still be of interest to some people on this list since a lot of the teams
that attend crossover between APDA and BP, and our judging pool includes a
lot of people with extensive BP experience (including 9 judges who have
broken at worlds, which will cover nearly a third of all our rounds).
 We're running a demonstration debate and Q&A about APDA format before the
tournament officially starts (from 2-3:30 on Friday) so if you are
interested in trying it out, this could be a good opportunity - and the
only APDA tournament of the year on the West Coast.

Registration is $130 for teams from the Bay Area and $90 for teams that
come from farther away, although if your finances would prevent you from
coming at that price we are willing to work with you on a discount.
 There's no judging requirement, although we are happy to take judges if
you want to bring them!  We can provide housing/crash for free on Friday
and/or Saturday night.

If you are interested in attending or have any questions, please feel free
to let me know!


Kate Falkenstien
(Stanford APDA coach, Yale debate '12)