Hearing little resistance, I'm going to go ahead with this.

To those of you who expressed a preference for email, it will certainly be
possible to subscribe to threads. That said, the point of a forum would in
large part be to transfer discussion of WUDC in the USA into a format more
conducive to organized discussion. As a regular user of both the APDA forum
and of this list, I promise it's a model you all will quickly grow to



On Tue, Mar 5, 2013 at 10:29 PM, John Adams <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Fine with me.
> On Tuesday, March 5, 2013, Samuel Ward-Packard wrote:
>> Dear WUDC debaters and coaches,
>> It seems to me, and I know a lot of others on the circuit agree, that the
>> American BP community has outgrown this listserv. There are a number of
>> controversial issues that follow on the growth of American BP debating, and
>> discussion of them is not facilitated by long email chains. Moreover, as we
>> host more and bigger tournaments things like invitations and reg questions
>> clutter our inboxes more and more. As such, I propose the creation of a web
>> forum for the American WUDC community modeled after the thriving APDA
>> forum. <> I'd be happy to host the
>> site on the Yale team's spare server space, and could have it up and
>> running by April 1st at the very latest. Is this a resource people would
>> make use of?
>> I would just add that I don't in any way intend this as a slight to Tuna.
>> His maintenance of this listserv has been a great service to WUDC debating
>> in the US.
>> Best,
>> Sam
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