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The general standard is that teams are allowed any paper resources at  
all, but no electronic resources whatsoever. This comes from the Rules  
of WUDC, as an attachment to the WUDC Constitution, Section 1.3 which  
is below.

"1.3 Preparation


1.3.3 Members are permitted to use printed or written material during  
preparation and during the debate. Printed material includes books,  
journals, newspapers and other similar materials. The use of  
electronic equipment is prohibited during preparation and in the  

You can see it at this website:
And the constitution that incorporates those rules is hosted here:

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Quoting Scott Thomson <[log in to unmask]>:

> Good day -
> Just a quick inquiry as to the extent to which students are allowed  
> to have materials for prep after the announcement of a motion. Would  
> an extemp type file with current events material (clippings from  
> periodicals) in it be appropriate?
> The rules are fairly broad and I have seen some variation in practices.
> Thanks -
> Scott Thomson
> Ithaca College