Im sure that the Australians are aware that the British don't own it considering that the Aussies have won it 4 times in a row.  And yet they and the Irish still call it BP.

It is a format based on the British Parliament and therefore named British Parliamentary.

To claim it as "the debate style of the world" I think ignores the fact that there are international tournaments that do take place in other formats.  While BP is definitely my preferred format I don't think that we should be claiming a monopoly over international debate any more than some people seem to think that this name gives one country a monopoly over this particular format.

These sort of false distinctions have led to the division and ultimately extinction of many formats within US debate and given the international community reasons already to look down on American debate, debaters, coaches and judges (a phenomenon I know you have unfortunately experienced at Worlds Tuna).  Lets not give them another reason.

From: USA Debating in the WUDC Format [[log in to unmask]] on behalf of Alfred Charles Snider [[log in to unmask]]
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Subject: What do we call our activity - BP?

What we call ourselves and what we do is important.

We have a few moments and limited attention from administration,
supporters, and alumni. We need to make those moments count.

The name we use does create a reality.

I do not want to keep explaining things to everyone.

BP? British don't own it. They do not run the tournament. Tell that to
the Australians and the Irish. British may be damn good at it but it
stops there.

In my evangelical efforts I try to communicate to people that this is
the "world's" format. It is the most international and most popular
debating format in the world. I think this is quite an accurate name.

My opinion - Call it worlds or WUDC but please do not call it BP. Of
course, you have freedom of speech, so do what you like. My point is
that if we want to grow it and promote it we need to have a name that
is accurate and communicates what we do.

My opinion.


PS: I create a mysterious reality with my nickname for a reason. I do
not want to do that with our debate format.