Hi Tuna (I'm learning!),

Grove City would like to come to Vermont if possible...our votes follow:

Either date, 6 prelims for WUDC, 3 days if it gets us out of there a bit earlier on Sunday.

Personally, I favor a bigger break...but that's not really my call.

See you in California.


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Subject: Help us plan Huber Debates 2013

Please check the appropriate answers and return this to me so that we can provide the kind of event you would most like.


_____ 1-2-3 November 2013 weekend
_____ 8-9-10 November 2013 weekend


_____ 6 WUDC prelims
_____ 5 WUDC prelims
_____ 6 CEDA prelims
_____ 5 CEDA prelims


_____ 2 day tournament, Saturday and Sunday _____ 3 day tournament, Friday night, Saturday and Sunday


Alfred Snider
University of Vermont