Hi Rob,


We haven’t been able to arrange anything regarding the fourth team, so it looks like three is going to be it.


Colin Murphy and Matthew Costello

Whitney Krupp and Marc Pollack

David Quach and Calvin Mackey (both novices)



Derwin Brennan (can chair)

Ariel Epstein Pollack (cannot chair)

Daniel Lopez (will only be available on Saturday and Sunday. Probably should not chair, except maybe bin rounds. Has lots of NPDA/policy experience but limited worlds experience).


Matthew Costello and Ariel Pollack are vegetarian.


Do you need anything else from us?


Thanks for the patience,





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Sent: Friday, March 15, 2013 3:19 PM
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Subject: USU Nationals Update


Greetings Debate Community,


We are less than one month away from the United States National Championships; exciting times! The La Verne team is working extremely hard at making this a memorable Nationals. We would first like to thank those schools who have emailed their final list of names for teams and judges, as well as their dietary concerns. We realize asking for such information so early can be quite a hassle, but we are working hard on providing the best possible arrangements for your arrival, as well as the Tab.


Below is a list of schools who have not yet sent their information. If I happened to overlook your message, my apologies; please send them again. If you need more time, please email immediately. 


St. Johns

Michigan Flint




Below is a list of schools who have "incomplete" information, based on teams or judges' names or speakers' names. Please try to collect this information soon and email the list to me. Thanks.






UC Davis




Many of you have made arrangements with the tournament hotel. Thank you for your immediacy on this matter. For those schools who have yet to make reservations, please do so as soon as you possibly can. The bloc is still available. As for the schools who are staying elsewhere, I will be emailing you with directions on how to get to campus and where to park.


Last reminder, we will be sending out an email for the coaches meeting. Each institution can only send "ONE" coach to this meeting unless you made arrangements with us or you are bidding for next year's NATS. Any other questions, feel free to email me directly at [log in to unmask]


Thank you and we will see you in a month!


Rob Ruiz

Convener US NATS

Director of Forensics

University of La Verne

909-593-3511 ext. 4451 (Office)

626-862-0545 (Cell)