Numeous hawks can be spotted on wires, trees and poles as you drive 
north on Rt2. 

Last week John Buck presented on Bald Eagle restoration at the Lake 
Champlain Basis Office and several people spoke about the array of 
waterfowl and the occasional eagle near the ferry landing. 

Open water at the drawbridge between Grand Isle and North Hero will 
yield a variety of Goldeneyes, Mergansers, Mallards and gulls. 
With luck youmay find some scaup. 

Bob Phillips

On Sun, 3 Mar 2013 19:13:13 -0500, Kaye Danforth 
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Later this week I'll be in Grand Isle for a few days and I'm wondering 
if anyone can direct me to a few good spots for birding.  Any help and 
direction will be greatly appreciated, and please feel free to contact 
me off-list. 
> Kaye
> Hinesburg