I got your attention with that topic.  I was walking late last night when I saw a couple of birds fly in front of me and I thought swallow.  Wrong flight pattern, wrong wing shape, but it got me thinking about my blue bird boxes.

I have been busy this year on things other than bird watching.  Plenty of birds at the feeders all winter long.  Early last week a lone male red winged black bird made his appearance.  If a bird singing means that it is happy then this male is one happy bird.  Today the first grackle has appeared at my feeder.  Though I have yet to see it one or more robins have been singing in the area.  The Vernal Equinox is only 9 days away and the birds are letting me know it.


Bob Dudley
West Arlington, VT

I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars.
                                                                                    Walt Whitman