Denis should not bother with southern Idaho on his trip. It's been a grim
season down here. It's been one of those years in which every storm finds a
way to miss us. Local ski area is at 72" of snow. That's not 72" of base,
but rather total snowfall for the season. Snotel site where I do my b-c
skiing is at 45% of normal for snowpack, the lowest in the 30 years of

I still try to enjoy every season, no matter how little snow. The silver
lining this year is that there's been corn snow skiing in every month so
far. March and April could be decent corn if the temps stay normal. That's
not the case in recent years with cool spring weather, in which the corn
doesn't come around until May or June, and by then it's too late for good
corn because sun is too high and hot.

I wish Denis luck in continuing to find good snow on his journey.

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