Denis and Chris, after reading this you may want to head to Tahoe...

I rolled into Val and Chris's ski house late on Wednesday, just barely missing Cal trans' chain control at Donner Pass, turned on the news and heard that Tahoe had gotten its first decent in almost forever. After a reeb (Mahk's not the only one who celebrates arriving in ski country), I went to sleep dreaming of a powder day at Sierra-at-Tahoe...

Parc! 89 was closed at Emerald Bay due to avalanche danger, chain controls were on everywhere, so I was limited to Squaw, Alpine Meadows, and Homewood.  Figuring the Bay Area hordes would be at the big name resorts, I headed the other way to Homewood.

Folks, if you're in Tahoe, go to Homewood. This place rocks.  It's small relative to the other Tahoe resorts, but it's big compared to MRG and has acres and acres and acres of open (but not too open) trees with a really nice pitch. Add on a foot of new snow and it was hero snow in hero trees - and hardly anyone in them. At Squaw, Alpine, or any major resort they would have tracked out OK in no time. Here I got untracked lines all day.

Going back tomorrow to check out the other half of Homewood I didn't get to today...


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