What happened to J Spin and his detailed TRs?   I saw him briefly at Stowe the other day.  Didn't think to ask him why he stopped posting here.   I liked his TRs.  Perhaps a tad too much text, but I thoroughly enjoyed the pictures and the maps. " 
The real rationale behind the super-secret eastern backcountry mindset is actually this:
"Hey, if I'm prepared go to all the work, trouble and risk of creating, maintaining and skiing those super-secret stashes, by either:
a)   illegally trespassing on privately owned land, and/or
b)   illegally clearing undergrowth on federal or state land.....
...I want to make sure that I:
a)   do not have to share it with anyone else without that person assuming a similar level of illegal work, trouble, and risk, and/or
b)   am not publicly exposed for being the pious environmental hypocrite that I (probably) am.  

I wonder how many folks that huffed and puffed so publicly about the chainsaw line on Jay's backside have subsequently skied it?
...but I digress
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