At 12:57 PM 3/13/2013, S H wrote:

>How is she doing now Marc?

Uses a cane still, but in no pain other than immediately after PT or 
follow-up doctor visits. She went from walker to cane, bypassing 
crutches entirely. Is able to go up stairs sequentially (something 
she could no longer do with here biological knees) but still needs to 
bump down them, matching on each step.  She only uses her walker for 
long distances, certain PT exercises, and if she needs to keep 
seething hoards at bay (like at Costco - people give you a wide berth 
if you have a walker or crutches).

She spent 4 days in the hospital, then 10 days in a rehab facility 
before coming home. She was given the OK to drive about 5 weeks 
post-surgery when she no longer needed daily doses of percocet. She 
went back to work physically 6 weeks post-op (she had been working 
remotely once out of the hospital).

Thanks for asking.


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