At 07:58 PM 3/13/2013, roger Klinger wrote:

>Both East and West have old fashioned and new fashioned lodges:


>Smuggs, MRG, Pow Mow, GoldMiners' Daughter, Whitewater, Red, 
>Mansfield BL, SBN all have that old-timey feel.  Snowbasin, Spruce, 
>SBS, Deer Valley, Stratton have a fancier feel.

Have you been in the GMD recently? GMD never feels like a base lodge 
- just the cafeteria/boot-up/coffee bar/solarium part of the hotel 
that it is. The Albion Basin lodge otoh is indeed more of an older 
base lodge, but after the major refurb this summer, no longer feels 
run-down like MRG, Pow Mtn, SBN, et al.  I agree with the other 
poster - there's nothing remotely fancy about the Stratton barn, uh, 
base lodge. I despise the lodges at Pow Mtn. The food sucks as well.

>Both styles have plusses and minuses and are found everywhere.  It's 
>not an East vs.  West thing.  The Tupac vs.  Biggie scenario is played out.

Yeah, but it was that moronic biddy on NPR that started it with her 
uninformed, VT-provincialist views.


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