Well prospects for this week are looking grim.
I am strategizing. Folks may be right that winter is over. Yesterday, my first skiing Whitefish, I took the ambassador tour. They don't take you on black trails or in the trees, but are perfectly happy to point things out. The place is huge, and my initial trepidation that it all faced south was eased by learning that it has skiing on all sides, admittedly much less on the north. It had reached the 40s on Sat in bright sun and now it was cloudy with dense fog on the top half. The soft snow of the previous afternoon on the south slopes was rock hard. Nobody was going in the trees where it was crusted. I'm going to rest today, get a day pass at the local spa/gym and ride a bike to spin the soreness out of my legs. Tomorrow there may be new snow but likely mixed with rain. I'll give the mountain another chance. 

The trouble is that as you go north in MT you lose altitude. If things are not looking quite a bit better here in 24 hrs, I will drive south to Lost Trail, where it is 1000 feet higher, and try to hit another powder Thursday. If that is a bust, Bridger is another 1000 feet higher. If all else fails I'll just have to pay Big Sky's Big $ to try to extend this trip another week. Their summit is 11,000

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