It was another amazing weekend at Stowe.    It was good to see the regulars at Stowe.  It is always fun to to see Bruno and K.   

Earlier this year I learned to always take my fat skis to the mountain, regardless of what I think the skiing is going to be like.  This weekend I learned I should always bring my ski backpack and skins.  

Sunday afternoon the bumps were perfect.  My favorite run of the day was Starr.  

I am afraid of what the rain will do.  We were seeing some dirt coming through in spots on the natural snow trails.  

Stowe made a ton of snow on liftline earlier this year, especially on the lower half.   That might end up saving our spring season.


On Mon, 11 Mar 2013 11:15:14 -0400, JJ <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>I love days like this. More than a powder day....sunshine and soft snow!
>Nothing like skiing perfect groomed snow while the woods lines and summit warm...
>Once the amazing, beautiful sunshine had softened the snow, each afternoon, we took off with some pals (Scotty B, Scotty D.) Friday
>(Bruno, Kirsten, Scotty D. John Mac, and Hannah Danis) Saturday
>Up the boot pack short hike to the mighty Mount Mansfield summit!
>100 mile views of the Dacks and of the Presidentials bracketed the top. Lovely rime ice and snow covered all the rocks, allowing skis on at the very summit...then down down down...The Hourglass one day, to that damn drainage before Taft Lodge, meaning we skied the lame LT out...whre I almost killed Scotty B with an ill advised photo shoot session...but Sunday, we hit it right, skiing Profanity from the top to the lodge to "Babyland" or whatever that stuff is called that ends on the Bench.
>Facebook friends have seen some good pictures....too bad the list is so crusty I can't be bothered to figure out how to put them here from my i-phone. I'm an old guy, after all. Technology is boring,
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