sH> "If you were leaving Missoula and had only one day to ski before heading to Bozeman would you  choose Lost Trail or Discovery...which one would you choose and why?

We are trying to has out an itinerary for our trip.

Thus far it looks like we'll be at Whitefish Mon-Wed

Thurs either Lost Trail or Discovery

Friday Big Sky

Saturday Moonlight

Sunday Bridger


if we go to Lost Trail Thurs, We can go to Disco on Fri, Big Sky Sat and Bridger Sun


we can just can all that and go to Fernie from Whitefish ;-)

I would rather stay in MT because I've never been to those places....but we may go where the weather dictates."


It's a guessing game, always is; flip a coin, take a group vote...  If this weekends shot of cold and snow materializes it will be great everywhere.

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