Today I XC skied at Chief Joseph Pass, a mile or so from Lost Trail.  Gorgeous place.  Conditions were just about perfect.  It is groomed once a week, on Friday.  It was a bluebird sunny day, 28 deg. With about a 5 foot snowpack topped with a few inches of dry powder.  I had looked at the parking lot yesterday but was put off by the lack of cars and lack of a hut selling tickets, just an outhouse.  It turns out you must ski a mile or so in to a beautiful hut, the Gordon Reese Cabin.  the place is maintained by the Bitterroot ski club and there is no trail fee.
They do accept donations and memberships.  The cabin can be rented, for $9 per night at this time of year but you
Must bring your food, water, and sleeping bag and pack out all trash.  It's one of the nicest huts I've seen.  I skied 
out to a bench at the top of the pass on the continental divide and enjoyed a snack break in the solitude of the mountains.  
Saw 4 other skiers.  A couple I met at the cabin said it is by far the best XC skiing in Montana.  They were married 50 
Years ago on the summit of Mt. Snow.

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