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there has been many battles of Tremblant. Scott "Snow God" Clark left the list for, amongst other things, feeling his Tremblant reports and blue square on-piste viewpoints were unwelcome.


Ironically, my family have become quite enamored with the Big T.

Here's a classic posting from him, naming Jerm Malczyk "the SkiVT-L Komissar of Skiing?"


Wow.  Reading that, it becomes obvious that the list really hasn't changed much at all, and Scott D's list applies to the beginning state of the list as much as to the current state.

Ski content:  Texan Eric Morton turned the Blooms and Klingers, all 4 being Smuggs locals, onto an in-bounds  run that none of us had ever skied.  And it is one heckuva excellent line as well.  Then, after her mini-mites class ended, Sonya K turned Amy and me on to some inbounds trees at Morse that neither of us had ever skied.  It seems there are some magic doors hiding around Smuggs still.
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