I ducked out of work a little early today and headed up to the Snow Bowl to see what was up with all this snow. I already knew that the Worth Mountain chair was on wind hold all day, but that's what skins are for. Ross and Allen both looked pretty well wind-scoured, so I headed over to the slightly more sheltered Proctor. I'm not sure it helped -- the wind was still howling over there, but it was mostly at my back, which is the way it should be for the uphill trek. Between the wind, and a groomer having gone over the trail earlier in the day, places near the center of the trail were practically bare. But the edges were deep with wind-blown snow, so I made an uncharacteristic skin track directly up the middle of the trail.

The snow for the ride down was not exactly blower; it was wet, heavy, and wind-blown. But it was also deep, at least in the woods, so I'm not complaining. I wished I had opted for a steeper line, but those lines will still be waiting tomorrow when the lifts are turning.

This was at about 1800-2600 feet elevation. Did anyone get to sample anything higher today?

Dave G.
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