Quote of the day: From the liftie at the bottom of the Worth Mountain chair, when the person in front of me had to wait one chair before getting on the lift: "A lift line?? On a Wednesday?? Who told everyone about this place??"

Indeed, the word seems to be getting out. Today maybe about 60-70 people all decided to forego MRG and Sugarbush, and celebrate a powder day at the little hill.

What a difference a day makes. Far from yesterday's dense, heavy, wind-blown stuff, this was the real thing. The powder-hungry mob of 25 was in line and ready for the go signal at 9:00. A few minutes later we all dispersed at the top of the mountain, and from then on the powder flew. I first ventured over to skier's left, to try out the steep woods near Ross that I missed yesterday. Sadly, yesterday's fierce wind had done its foul work on that side, to the point that I was actually scraping moss and logs in places. The back side of the mountain was unfortunately closed, so for next run I shifted over towards skier's right, behind the ridge that I hoped had blocked the worst of the wind, and was treated to an untracked feast in the woods that kept me coming back lap after lap after lap. Every time I thought it was completely tracked out, I found more untouched lines.

After losing count of how many laps I did over on that side, just for variety I moved back to over Proctor later in the afternoon. This was on the wind-scoured side of the mountain, but to my happy surprise I discovered there were still spots the wind missed, and I found more untracked deep fluff in the jughandles and adjacent woods.

My legs gave out before the snow did, and I finished up in the afternoon with my only trail run of the day, a brisk run down Ross, finishing with 4 big, fast, GS turns through still more untracked foot-deep powder at the little-used left fork at the bottom of the trail.

I'm really liking the new woods-friendly Snow Bowl this season. It'll never have the snow or vertical of the big mountains, which is fine, because that's what I count on to keep the crowds away. But what it has, it does well, and today it did it as well as ever.

Dave G.
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