Yesterday I met up with Denis and we skied some fresh powder on the North Side. 

The guys I'm skiing with hiked the radio tower on the 2nd run and came back with glowing reports. Denis and I had already tracked out most of the glades served by the lifts, so it was time to earn some turns.

The radio tower hike is not difficult and yields plenty of fresh deep powder.

Then we met up with a friend who lives here and he took us up to a place called Window Pane. It was a very steep hike, but the effort was greatly rewarded.

I did so many runs that made me whoop n holler in the last 2 days, all of which required a bit of effort to attain.

Today the sun came out and our tracks from the day before were filled in, so we did it all over again and then some.

Denis joined us for dinner last night at the Buffalo Cafe and tonight we grilled steaks at our condo. Montana is a great place to have a steak after skiing. 

Whitefish is an awesome place. It remind me of Whitewater, BC. The trees are the same and the snow is plentiful, dry and light.

One more day here and then we will move on to Discovery, while Denis heads over the Lost Trail at Powder Mtn. Snowstorm brewing, so it should be good everywhere.

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