The time has come! Please be at the meeting tomorrow, Wednesday, night 
at 6:30pm.

Read these things:

 1. Be at the meeting tomorrow night! If you can't, you should have
    already talked to Molly, Kyle, or Caitlin.
 2. *The Travel Form -*
    We have to fill out a travel form before we leave the University and
    we need to have them with us as we travel. If you do not have the
    sheet, I will have them with me at the meeting tomorrow night for
    you to fill out (or they are on the bulletin board upstairs).  You
    will need an emergency contact and your insurance card. If you have
    already scanned a copy to Ms. Thies, please bring your hard copy
    with you.
 3. Please remember to pack lite.
 4. Look at the conference schedule if you have not already:

    I would prefer not to print 14 copies, so please put it on your
    phone, or your computer or what not.