Mobile List Users,

I've been trying to find a solution for having my Oracle Calendar exist
(and in a perfect world, sync) on my Android phone.  The solution described
Synthesis, is available for Android as well, but it's not cheap...
especially if you want to schedule updates which requires the PRO version.

I've been searching for a funambol (open source SyncML platform) client
that a) works for a generic server and that b) has the option to change the
calendar DB location as specified in the directions at the above website.
 I've finally found it in FunV10 on Google Play.  I haven't messed around
with the other syncing options (Contacts, etc.), but the Calendar one works
well.  I did run into a snag at one point where it duplicated my events on
my phone (not on the server), but an uninstall and reinstall fixed that and
there's a reset option that might have worked as well.  If interested, I'm
happy to help put together a step-by-step guide similar to that referenced
above for the comparable Android page:,
which is currently blank.

Let me know if there's interest... Thanks!

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