Hi Caleb,

The first thing that crossed my mind was- what is your reasoning for
starting with the 8th grade?  I ask only because I see a whole year's worth
of student learning on an iPad, leave the following year as they go off to
high school.  Whereas if you started in a lower grade they would have all
that new knowledge and be able to apply it to the following years.

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> I've got a side gig once a week helping a local middle school. They want
> to pilot a 1:1 program with 15 8th graders in the fall. Eventually it will
> be at least 6, 7, 8th grades.
> I'm looking for any thoughts on iPads vs Chromebooks.
> The school uses Google for it's LMS and two Macbook carts  and two iPad
> carts now for students. Teachers have Macbooks, Elmos, some Starboards. IT
> is the science teacher, and I do 4 hours a week for Tech Integration. We
> are funding the pilot, not the parents.
> *Our current hypothesis* is that younger kids are good with the iPad
> carts. They are tactile,  and below the 6th grade, perhaps 1:1s are not as
> needed. In the 6-8th grades though, we think it might be good to move to a
> full keyboard laptop, but a rugged one that we can lock down to focus on
> our Google Apps, making it a school computer. We don't have money for
> Airbooks, and we don't want PCs due to the increased IT load and cost for
> the the small school.
> *Chromebooks: *We like Chromebooks and have tested them. They seem to
> have low IT load, easy wireless admin, and be a great school computer. We
> are looking at their  Java issues. (We are interested in the Lenovo
> Education Chromebook<> too,
> any users our there?). We'd keep the iPads for the tactical younger kids
> below 6th grade, and the Macbooks for media editing.
> *iPads:* We are a mostly Mac school, and iPads are getting better with
> Google Drive. We've heard from other schools that the IT load can be low if
> you let the parents and kids keep them updated. We've talked to some
> schools who simply put software serial numbers in emails or mailboxes and
> have the kids/parents download Apps. We use Configurator now, and it sucks,
> but it's faster then tweaking 20 iPads on a single USB with only iTunes.
> Thoughts oh wise list?
> Case studies in VT?
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