Unless they have changed since I applied for two of the K-12 schools I work
with,  it was $99 a year.
Both principals approved the purchase in order to encourage us to
experiment and pursue the query of "what's possible."

Would your principal be willing to do the same.

Gradschool at Marlboro is working on getting a place for students to play
and experiment with the process in their learning in our courses.   See
info at:
Once we get approved,  I will know what the parameters are for using it as
we move through the process.
I was inspired to pursue this after 2 students from my recent Graduate
Course at Marlboro chose to pursue writing an App as their final project
for the class I teach there "Transforming Learning With Mobile Tools".

It was amazing to watch this project develop with two students who had
never written an app before.
Amazing is not the word.. Inspiring was..
We need to have a place to follow our passions and  play with purpose
I'm so glad that there are so many folks interested in playing with this
purpose.. let's play together.


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> Correct me if I'm wrong, but I understood the only way to get apps onto an
> iPad, unless you hack the thing, is for Apple to publish it on the iTunes
> store, or join Apple's enterprise developer program.  The former could
> mean long delays in getting your apps approved and published, the latter
> will cost you $300/year, which isn't a king's ransom or anything, but
> would tend to discourage folks who just want to fool around with it a bit.
> Androids aren't locked down this way, but then, if it's iPads you have,
> then that's what you have to develop for...
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> >Does anyone know of a workshop/course on app design and creation? I have
> >a teacher who is interested.
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