Greetings everyone.  Heading over to Google headquarters tomorrow for a
Google Certified Teacher Retool PD.  I promised some of you I'd try to find
some answers to some of your lingering questions.  (specially about
Picasa's future)  If anyone else has questions that I can try to find
answers to.. feel free to send them and I'll do my best. The Google
developers have been really good about listening to educator feedback at
these events

Also...  can you please continue to spread the word about Google Tools For
Schools Summer Institutes.

Two of our Google Tools Institutes are almost full, the rest still have

We are getting ready to order the 2nd batch of Chromebooks.  Anyone who
signs up before April will be able to get their Chromebooks early.
(at Orientation  instead of  Day 1 of the face to face summer institutes)

If you have teachers, administrators, or colleagues who might benefit from
learning how to use Google Tools more powerfully - can you point them to  revised dates and locations.

Locations include
1 Online for intermediate level or Year 2
2 Newport
3 Central Vermont (Crosset Brook)
4 Southern Vermont (Chester)
5 Chittenden County (Jericho)
6 Franklin County (St. Albans)

Lucie deLaBruere

Google Voice (802) 557 0013

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