I just had to share that Google gave Andrew Stilman today the floor and he
used it to highlight Bjorn Behrendt's gClass Folders and its newest
iteration that Andrew and Bjorn collaborated on

Go Bjorn!

I have so many new ideas and features to add to the Google Tools For
Schools Summer Institute course resources!

BTW... thank you to all who gave me suggestions to bring to Google
I think I was able to share most of them in one format on another today
They really are interested in our feedback  and took note of all the
suggestions, wishes and concerns brought up by Google Certified Teachers

BTW  Dave Davidson... I got to show one of Drive team members the problem
we thought was a GLITCH in Google Presentation where the INSERT IMAGE menu
item disappears  and he had never seen that and will bring it to the
attention of the Google Presentation team... keep your fingers crossed

Will go through my notes and sort through what's was not flagged as
unshareable YET by  NDA  and share out soon
meanwhile you can see some of the things we are allowed to share being
streamed at #gctreboot2013 in Twitter and Google Plus

Will definitely add many to our Google Tools Summer Institute Resources..


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