Recently, while visiting my Netflix account, I noticed an OPT-IN button to
post my Netflix viewing habits to Facebook.   There does not appear any way
to delete this OPT-IN option.   For teachers that would like to keep their
viewing habits private, here is the solution to do it yourself, or Netflix
can do it for you.

Here is a copy of my conversation with Netflix

   Netflix a company that I pay for a service is making it possible to
share my personal information and viewing habits in a social media
environment. Further, the Facebook advertisement on the Netflix page is
more of an opt in than an opt out.
Netflix Debbie
You are not connected in any way unless you consent Jon but I do understand
what you mean. If you click on that ad 3 separate times it will disappear
and not be back again. I had to do that myself since I don't use Facebook
and have no desire to. I will be MORE than happy to log this for you.


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