I've got a side gig once a week helping a local middle school. They want to
pilot a 1:1 program with 15 8th graders in the fall. Eventually it will be
at least 6, 7, 8th grades.

I'm looking for any thoughts on iPads vs Chromebooks.

The school uses Google for it's LMS and two Macbook carts  and two iPad
carts now for students. Teachers have Macbooks, Elmos, some Starboards. IT
is the science teacher, and I do 4 hours a week for Tech Integration. We
are funding the pilot, not the parents.

*Our current hypothesis* is that younger kids are good with the iPad carts.
They are tactile,  and below the 6th grade, perhaps 1:1s are not as needed.
In the 6-8th grades though, we think it might be good to move to a full
keyboard laptop, but a rugged one that we can lock down to focus on our
Google Apps, making it a school computer. We don't have money for Airbooks,
and we don't want PCs due to the increased IT load and cost for the the
small school.

*Chromebooks: *We like Chromebooks and have tested them. They seem to have
low IT load, easy wireless admin, and be a great school computer. We are
looking at their  Java issues. (We are interested in the Lenovo Education
any users our there?). We'd keep the iPads for the tactical younger kids
below 6th grade, and the Macbooks for media editing.

*iPads:* We are a mostly Mac school, and iPads are getting better with
Google Drive. We've heard from other schools that the IT load can be low if
you let the parents and kids keep them updated. We've talked to some
schools who simply put software serial numbers in emails or mailboxes and
have the kids/parents download Apps. We use Configurator now, and it sucks,
but it's faster then tweaking 20 iPads on a single USB with only iTunes.

Thoughts oh wise list?

Case studies in VT?

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