Are you referring to the ipod/pad apps specifically, or are you interested
in the mobile browser views, too?

Teachers here use the ipad gradebook.  It won't do everything the Java app
will do, like set up the grading method at the beginning of the term, and
it won't do standards grading, apparently (a teacher just pointed that out
yesterday, haven't checked into it in much detail).

We use mobile devices, such as android phones, to log into the admin
portal, which gives you a simplified view of the system.  It's great for
our security staff to check a kid's schedule when they're called to go
fetch a kid, for instance, or even to just view a kid's picture if they're
not familiar with the student in question.  

Bob Wickberg
Technology Coordinator
Brattleboro Union High School District # 6

School Information Technology Discussion <[log in to unmask]> writes:
>To those PowerSchool users - 
>Are any of you using the PowerSchool mobile apps? Looks like there are
>actually three different apps - teachers, students, and parents. 
>What are you doing with them? And if you have parents using the PS mobile
>app, any sense if this is meeting their needs?
>Keith Nemlich
>Westminster Schools