Yes, those things will be on the agenda...I think most everyone is comfortable with the devices and the vendors will understand that folks know what to expect in the realm of equipment.... They will be focusing on the details, but there are a lot of details.. so I urge folks to have specific questions... 

There will perhaps be some questions that the vendors won't have a clear answer on yet, depending on how far along we are at putting the contracts in place.  That is an unknown that I am dealing with on this... But, it is my hope that the questions will also help in that regard because I will start to get a consensus view of what nuances need to be tweaked, if they can be tweaked.  

I honestly can't answer your question about all things being settled by May 2/3..., I have a meeting today at 1 with the contracts folks and we'll try to gain a sense of how quickly this can go....We are moving ahead with the event regardless, because I want the schools interested to have  chance to act.  

Hope that helps...


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I personally feel 99% comfortable with the devices, what I am interested in is details on the included services -PD -parts closet -depot repair -wireless option
will those things be on the agenda?
Are those things that are settled now, will be by may 2/3?


familiarize yourself with the different options and come with questions specific to your situation... 
see the devices and have a chance to delve a bit into the proposals.
I will have all of the devices with me for your review.