Hello, All,

This is a repeat request for a collaborative project about Vermont Geography, grades 4,5 or 6.  I know some people said they wouldn't be studying VT Geography until spring so now is the time!  Please use the contact information below, preferably straight to Aimee Randall ([log in to unmask])

I'm helping the 4th grade teacher who does the collaborative Vermont Geography project again this year.  She would like to expand the network and get more classrooms involved. 

The project is called "Where in Vermont Are You?" It is done via Skype and takes about 20 minutes.  The goal is for our students to communicate with a class in each county of Vermont while learning Vermont geography.

Students from a fourth grade class at our end work on teams. One team asks yes/no questions while other teams work with maps, Google Earth, and other resources to narrow down and determine your location in Vermont. Preferably the connection would be with a class where they are studying Vermont geography, but it could be any grade 4, 5, or 6 class, or just a few students.  It would be fun and a great learning experience for students at your end to do the same thing ours are doing, but not necessary. Sorry we don't have LNV at this location so our preferred, tested method is Skype.
Thanks for your help. Here are three ways to connect:
- contact me [log in to unmask]
- contact Aimee directly:  [log in to unmask] 
- have your teachers sign up here: 

I'll try to post some pictures and video of the project in action at the site above in a day or two!

Thanks for your help!

Joanne Finnegan, Technology Integration Specialist
Chittenden East Supervisory Union
90 Vermont Route 15
Jericho, Vermont 05465

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