I'l second WeVideo (come see my presentation at Dynamic Landscapes!) although MovieMaker could still be accessible at that grade level. The new version (WMM Live 2012) is better than the XP verison. Animoto Lite (free) limits video to 30 seconds but Educators can apply for an upgrade... not sure about students?

True: HD footage presents storage issues and MovieMaker is also finicky about file locations (pretty much needs to be local on ONE machine) 

Flip footage requires a codec on older Windows machines, but installing the Flip software (NOT using it - it's very poor) will install the codecs. QuickTime on Mac recognizes it without installation. People also tend to think that the Flip software is necessary in order to download footage (since it opens automatically,) but the cameras can be browsed on Mac or Windows just like any other USB drive.

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If you have reliable wi-fi you may want to try Wevideo.com - the student can add the teacher as a collaborator to help keep tabs.

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Dear List,
I'm looking for suggestions for tools for Elementary students (grade 5) to create videos. We have a bunch of flip cameras. What's easy?
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