Sharing this out widely for folks, this agreement was put in place recently at State Procurement Office level.  This is on behalf of schools….. 



Microsoft and the State of Vermont have put in a place a new 3 year agreement based on the Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) Agreement.  The agreement is open to all publicly funded schools in the State of Vermont as well as Private K-12 schools.  SHI is the Microsoft Education Reseller and has set the pricing.  The key highlight of the Microsoft K-12 licensing program is the pricing discount is based on the teacher and staff full time equivalent (FTE) counts not PC counts.  At many schools the ratio of teachers and staff to PC/Macs is 1:3 or 1:4, hence it provides the schools the opportunity to save money on Microsoft licenses.  Schools will count their Teacher and Staff FTEs (not including bus drivers, janitors, cafeteria worker, etc if they do NOT use a computer to do their jobs or have network credentials) and this FTE count will be used to provide licensing coverage for all systems at the schools including shared machines in labs, laptop carts, libraries, etc… 1:1 computing will require the Student Option add-on should the devices be for the students’ exclusive use.



I have posted full detail sheets on our web site at this link…



For more information, contact the vendor directly here..

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